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Welcome to DailyFashion.com. We are the first "real world" online fashion resource for girls.

Our Fashion Forums are still going strong with over 1,100 members! And we have over 80 friends now on our MySpace Page so check it out and make us your friend!

We offer lots of tips, ideas, and stories about fashion. Fashion is more than just supermodels trotting down runways in Paris-- it is also real girls deciding what to wear for school, work or even a hot date.

Oh, and by the way, we are not trying to sell you anything either. Here at DailyFashion.com, we just want to have fun and look fashionable at the same time. Everything from our "Fashion Fiascos" to our "Diva Do's and Don'ts" will inspire you to go out and shop 'til you drop (yeah like you don't do that one already).

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