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Why are girls so concerned with everyone else's opinion?1/11/00

Hey Experts,

I have one question. Why are girls so concerned with being in fashion and looking as cool as one of their friends? I prefer, myself, to be ultra-strange, retro, or just plain weird. For instance, I would wear black jeans with a neon green turtleneck and a fringy vest. When I do these sorts of outfits, I get stares from the 'cooler' kids. Why is this??

Chako: Urban/Street Wear Expert

Dear Fashionable-less,

GIRRRRL! Fashionable-less??? It sounds to me like you are breaking free from the mold-and that to me is super H I P ! I've always told kids not care about what other people think. I know this is hard to do at your age, but it sounds like you are being YOU and wearing and doing what YOU like to do---which is important to YOUR happiness.

These so-called "Popular Kids" are probably only popular according to their clique. I'm most definitely sure that the rest of the school despises them. These girls only give you dirty looks because they are afraid to be different from other people. Instead of starting trends, they wear what everyone else is wearing so that they can feel accepted.

I must applaud you for your moxy and your courage. It's important to know who you are, but it's more important to be comfortable with it. You keep doing what you're's people like you that funk-tafy up an otherwise mundane world! Thanks!


Chako S.

Felicity: Plus Size Expert

Unfortunately, Fashionable-less, not everyone is comfortable with who they are enough to be themselves. You are one of the lucky ones who appreciates who you are and allows that to shine through in your clothing. Fashion and style are not just about keeping up with the latest trends. They can both be outlets for your personal sense of creativity and imagination.

Chances are, those so-called "cooler" kids are rather insecure with who they are and feel they have to dress like everyone else does so as not to stand apart and be noticed. Enjoy your individuality. Remember that diamonds are so expensive because they are precious and rare; no two are alike. They are not manufactured, but rather they naturally occur in nature. Keep on being the rare and creative Fashionable-FULL person you are!

Felicity ~!~

Amanda: Latest Trends Expert

Fashionable less,

There are so many reasons these days as to why some people want to dress like their peers. Some of it stems from wanting to be accepted, some people dress the way they do because that's what they like...just like you. You know as well as I do, that people are often separated into different cliches. In these different cliches you are often judged by how you dress and what type of music you listen to.

Being in fashion is not neccessarily following the new trends or fads either. It's about creating your own look and feeling confident about it. Just as you have done yourself. The weird stares and funny looks are only because they probably wish they could wear something as intricate and get away with it like you can.

Then again, don't bother with the stares. People who are dense enough not to have an open mind about fashion are totally not worth your time! Yes, people are allowed to have their likes and dislikes...but one perspective to being a "Fashion Diva" as we like to call it here at, is being able to appreciate different looks and possibilities from all forms.

So don't worry about those fashion-party poopers! Keep being yourself...and hey you could even enjoy the stares..knowing that you're different from everyone else and that you're not afraid to be you!


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