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How do I make the guy I like at school notice me?10/11/99

Hello Experts,

I have a problem, there is this guy I really like in school and he never notices me. I was thinking I need a whole new look, something trendy and cute. Do you have any suggestions? Maybe some main pieces I should start of with? I also don't really like my butt, and wonder how I can work around it?

Thanks, Jillian, WA

Darbi: Bargain Expert

Attention: Updated look for attracting much desereved attention and less emphasis on booty.

Hey! First of all, you don't want to hide problem areas, but emphasize your favorite features!

Try to really put attention into your best assests! To minimize hiney holdbacks, try tying sweaters or those cute little jackets around your waist. This will cover up that area that you don't want to take over your spotlight!
Also, try loose fitting jeans. They will give you more room to experiement with. And jean bibs are great too!!!

New trendy items to try: 3/4 length sleeves eather pants, skirts, jumpers clingy pants----black or khaki bright colors----orange, purple, pink tech vests Whatever makes you feel pretty, is the best thing to wear! Till next time, keep steppin' in style!


Shantel: Special Events Expert

Jillian, To meet this guy, you'll wanna corner him when you look your BEST!

Perhaps this will be at a party or something. Probably something casual is your best bet. You don't want to scare him away by looking really glammed up. Jeans can really make you look hot.

If you hate your butt, there are pairs that can make you look absolutely great in da booty. I have some Lucky brand jeans that make mine look pretty good (my boyfriend is my advisor) so I reccomend them, but they are many other kinds to wear.

So if you are at this party and HE is there, you'll wanna have on a top that just makes you look All That. A really cute shirt with a 3/4 lenght sleeve shirt over the top would look really hot. Get the colors to match up and go for a general theme. Like a red long sleeve shirt, then put a 3/4 sleeve shirt over it that has reds and whites. This kind of thing is really going to be popular if it isn't already in your town.

You'll wanna put on a big smile for him, guys find that attractive! :-) Good luck!


Chako: Urban/Street Wear Expert

Supa soul sistahhhh, you were thinkin wrong!

The way to get noticed is not just by your "look"..but by your confidence, the way you carry yourself. You gotta feel sexy and sassy inside--remember, you are 100% pure woman!!

Getting in synch with this powerful vibe will help you eminate it outside yourself-you start within and then move outwards. To avoid the "caboose" issue, a-line skirts and knee-high boots will keep the attention away. For tops go for flirty lycra/spandex hoodies or bright scoop neck tees with an extra short waisted cardigan to accentuate your waist and neck.Try soulful colors like blues and purples and piece them with bright orangeor bright blue. Try and strut your womanliness inside and out. Good Luck


Kym- Accessories Expert

Hello confused,
First off, let me tell you that it is NOT worth changing yourself in order to please a guy. (Trust me, this comes from pure experience!)

Anyway, if you want to change your style, do it for yourself, no one else. Next, even though you may not like your butt, you must remember not to wear baggy, loose clothing to cover it. That would only emphasize you gluteus maximus. As for must-have pieces, I think you should go for some of those three-quarter length fitted button down shirts. They would look great with some shorter skirts (bringing attention away from your butt).

Also, if you want to go for a sweet, innocent look, pink always looks great. And remember, (of course) to get some accessories - like some small dangle bracelets (very feminine) and some cute barrettes to go with your must-have wardrobe. After all this advice, please remember to STAY YOURSELF. If a guy can't admire you for being you, he's not worth your precious time.

Amanda: Latest Trends Expert

First things first, It may not be that he doesn't notice you. It may just be that he notices your style and your cute self, but you have no clue!

So, we don't want to make a drastic change quite yet. Start off simple, maybe kick it off with a new hair style or hair cut. Something that will draw the attention of all your friends...and in the mist of their commotion and compliments...he'll happen to overhear and take a look for himself. You're looking for a cute and trendy statement.

Basically, If you want to get his immediate attention you'll have to enter the levels of skirts and short skirts. Most of the skirts I've seen floating around are either short with cute pockets or longer skirts with funky cuts and strings. Tops are clingy and sleek. You'll find most of your tops in different cuts and such. Your best bet is to find the style that coordinates with your preference and take it from there. The common colors this fall are dark reds, oranges, yellows, purples, greys, and blues. Pick out a favorite color or one that brings out your eyes.

To hide that tush, try finding bottom pieces in darker colors. Make sure they are also slim and loosely cut. Darker colors have a miracle slimming effect, and slim, loose cut items seem to hide your bum pretty well. Lastly, when you're trying on various items....check your tush in a mirror, or have a friend do it. Make sure you like what you see before you buy it, and make sure it makes that "butt look cute!" Good luck girlie...and if all else fails...Just Be Jillian.


Madelin- World Expert


Remember, the most important thing is to choose clothes that are you- if your not the outrageous type, don't go too outrageous, or you will be uncomfortable and lose confidence.

I personally think that some of the most trendy colours are brown and black- they make you look and feel really sophisticated and a few of the right accessories can make you fun! Some hair clips (chunky and colourful) are pretty cool, and layering looks really funky- flares over patterned skirt with a cute little top. Can be worn with any shoes- from Doc martins to platform sandals.

As for your butt, all girls are butt-conscious. Black is very slimming, and also makes you appear really curvy if used with the right colour combos (eg. black and red ) Always keep in mind who you are and what you'll be doing in the clothes- dresses are fine as long as you aren't playing grid-iron!

The last thing- don't lose your identity for a guy- have fun, be yourself, and if he doesn't like you for who you are, he's probably just a parasitic jerk! Be beautiful, funny, sweet and intelligent (no guy can resist a funny intelligent girl!) Good Luck, Sweetie!


Sarah- Preppy Expert

Well Jill,

My first response to this is that you should definetly NOT change your whole look just to get the attention of some guy!! That's ridiculous. Maybe adding a few new additions would make you feel more confident but there's no reason to re-make yourself just to impress. Your personality will win him over more than what latest trend you're sporting.

Wear something that flatters you. If you have great eyes then try to highlight them by wearing a color that brings them out. If you have great legs then find a cute skirt or stylish dress to show them off. If you plan on completly changing your wardrobe then try and save yourself some cash by getting a few basics that can be combined to make a number of different ensembles.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in what you're wearing. Don't try to dress in something that totally makes you feel self-conscious or is totally not your thing. Chances are you'll end up looking ridiculous and defeating your whole purpose.

As far as covering up your butt, dresses and skirts can always help. Don't wear one that is way to tight. Here's an example: Find a soft floral skirt, the length is up to you. Pair it with a matching shirt with 3/4 length sleeves. To complete the look, try a dark denim jacket and maybe a pair of white sneakers or casual sandals. Try and wear a neutral color on the bottom. Play up your legs with a short skirt or your upper body with bright distracting colors, designs, or pattern in order to draw attention away from your not so favorite lower region.
Good Luck,


Megan- Sporty Expert

Dear Jillian,

I am so glad that you have finally decided that you are ready to be noticed, and I think I can help you out a little bit with some main pieces.

First of all, don't go out and buy the first trendy thing you see, because trends fade fast.

If you really want to be noticed try wearing bold colors, like RED. Red gets you noticed real fast. Also you might try a new dress, that you think flatters your figue. Also, orange and grey are in this season, and they go great together!

As for your behind, you should definitly stay away from big or extrememly small back pockets in your jeans. They both draw attention to the "bootie." So, you might want to try some looser fitting pants, with no pockets.

Skirts seem to flatter the behind, and as long as they aren't too tight. Above all, buy clothes that fit! There's nothing worse then a pair of size 8 jeans when you really wear a 12. And one more thing to remember, you are a diva! The best way to get noticed,is to strike up a conversation.
Hope I helped,


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