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I am nerdy, how do i look good?1/04/00

Hi Experts,

I saw your website and thought it wuz pretty KEWL. And I desperately need your help, O Great Fashion Gurus!!! Here'z the problem, I'm nerdy and when I go out, some people don't even notice me. It is like they're gonna step on me or something! I luv shopping but dat means I collect really cool & fashionable clothes, but I'm somewhat scared to wear them. My wadrobe is like 10 times my mum's, but I still wear really baggy tees and a pair of baggy jeans. I'm just the right size (I'm not too thin and not plump), I stand about 158cm. I have a sort of yellowish brownish tan which I inherited from my dad who is a Chinese. I don't really know what kind of colour suits me, and what doesn't. I have pretty cute-dolly like features:big eyes ,smooth skin and small thick lippies. But my self esteem rolls them down... So please help me choose a style and colour that will *hopefully* make the boy of my dreams notice me.

Thanks a zillion...

UNlucky 13~

Chako: Urban/Street Wear Expert


The makeover that needs to be taken is not on the outside but rather on the inside. I can completely relate to what you are feeling right now. What it took me to get out of this slump was realizing that I definitely wasn't as horrid as I thought I was and as I thought OTHER PEOPLE thought I was.

Didja get that? It *does* make you feel good to wear a cute outfit, but what makes you feel better is YOU and not some tangible object. You will find that as this is figured out you will find your own niche and your own style and your own group of friends that you fit into.

Here's a starter: Think of things that make you happy and wear colors and patterns that remind you of those things or try a plethora of different hair dos and makeup choices and see which ones you feel most comfortable in.

Most importantly, don't force molding yourself into something you aren't--you will get more lost than you were before!


-- Chako

Darbi: Bargain Expert


Self-esteem is the KEY that can unlock any door in life! You have to have confidence and believe in yourself before anybody else will, so keep that in mind!

You seem to already have a killer wardrobe established so just start struttin' your killer threads all over the place!!! Show the world what a friendly, nice, fashionable gal you are and you are sure to be a hit! Have confidence but don't be snotty about it!!

Make conversation with people and ALWAYS compliment others on their cool threads! Everybody loves a compliment!! Someone with a stylin closet like yours needs to put it into use at once!!! Hit the mall to get started and put that first killer outfit into action!!

Good luck and don't waste another moment!! Start putting those ensembles together and hit the road jack!! And don't be afraid to showcase your style again girlfriend!!

Until next time, Keep Steppin' in Style!


Amanda: Latest Trends Expert

Not As Unlucky As You May Think,

Don't be so hard on yourself...give yourself some credit! You just need to quit worrying about what everyone else thinks. People may think they can step all over you only because you give them the impression that they can. It's all in the ATTITUDE. Attitude is everything. You have to hold your head up high, and think "I ROCK."

People are bound to notice you a lot more that way. Guys are particularly attracted to girls with that "glow" or that "certain something." How are they to notice all of that if you hide it from them? Don't be scared to drag that hidden wadrobe outta the closet!! If you buy gotta wear it girl!

Let's just say that your new years resolution was to come out of the shell you're hiding in, and stop being afraid to be the fashion diva that's hidden inside of you.

Yes, change does take time. But if you take it with simple strides you'll eventually be who you wanna be. When you're at the age of 13, everything is awkward. You're in the middle stage where you don't know who you wanna be, you don't know what friends you wanna hang with, and you definately worry about boys a little more than you need to..

So, my advice to you is that you should test the waters. Throw away those baggy jeans and tees, and pull out those clothes that have collected dust and shake 'em out a little cutie! Best of luck sweets!!


Kym- Accessories Expert

Hey Girl,

Don't call yourself fashionless! It's all in how you carry yourself. If you like what you wearing, you should feel great no matter what everyone else says!

Basically, the other girls are lacking confidence. They all wish they had your self assurance. Keep your head held up high and continue to be your own person.

Thanks for writing. Please contact us again!


Shantel: Special Events Expert

Dear Unlucky,

Don't be scared to wear your new clothes! If you bought them, it means you like them. If you like them, wear them! They are in style now, and won't be later, so get up the guts to wear them before the style is over. You'll be the coolest dressed girl in school.

I'm jealous that you have so many cool clothes. To get up the nerve to become a fashion queen, start off by wearing your new clothes someplace that you don't see anyone you know, like a different town. Then wear them to a movie or something, where you'll see very few people before it gets dark.

When you do wear them in your hometown at the mall, go with friends. They will help give you support and make you not so self conscious. Build up to wearing them all day to school. Trust me, you'll love the effect. I am SURE everyone will love the new look for you!



Maddie: Vintage/Thrift Expert

Dear Unlucky 13,

Never fear! There is always hope. With your Asian skin (I am Asian as well ^_^ ) I would advise you to be very careful with bright colors. In particular, be wary of green and pink. Lighter shades can be pretty but the bright shades... eww... need I say more?

As for your wardrobe, there is no need to adhere to a certain "style." I myself have eclectic taste and simply wear what catches my fancy. I encourage you not to limit your options. However, if you are attempting to avoid the "nerdy" look, as you mentioned, I advise you not to overkill the preppy look, especially if you wear glasses.

From your plea for help, it appears that your true problem is not a lack of fashion savvy, but a lack of confidence. That you must find within yourself. There is not easy way around it. You simply have to search your soul for the necessary self love. Perhaps you are afraid of criticism from others? And although the attractive girls who dress impeccably turn heads, the confident girls are the ones that draw guys' attention and keep it.

Good luck! :)

Love eternally,

Maddie :P

Megan-Sporty Expert

Dear Unlucky 13,

I completely understand what you're going through. Im glad your concerned with you style, but i think there may be a bigger problem here, your self-esteem. But I have just the cure! Once you start dressing cuter hopefully your self-esteem will rise and you'll be cofident enough to go get that guy of your dreams.

Now if you read my article I'm sure you can guess what color Im gonna tell you to go for....Pink! Everyone has their own shade of pink so find yours, that will get you noticed! Also you may want to try wearing skirts a little more often, it gives you a little extra bounce in your step. Good luck with finding your own style, and dont break too many hearts!

Love ya!


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