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How do I jazz up the clothes I already have?11/16/99

Dear Experts,

I have a lot of clothes, but I'm sick of them. Instead of getting all new clothes, are then any new, trendy combinations I could try? I want some new looks with the clothes I already have. I need to jazz them up a bit. Thnx a million!

~Sarah in WI

Shantel: Special Events Expert

Hey Sarah!!

I think the best way to answer your questions is this: Take the t-shirts you are sick of wearing alone, and find a cool shirt to wear over them, for instance a button down one that is perhaps two different colors that are also in your original shirts. I do this a lot. If you don't have any, you'll only need to pick up a few new shirts.

A belt really adds to your jeans. It makes them look like a whole different pair. Take a long sleeved shirt and stick a short sleeved one (with corrosponding colors or COURSE!) on the top. You can wear even 3 shirts. The collar of your shirt will look really cute. Don't get into the habbit of wearing a certain pair of jeans with a certain shirt. My mom taught me to do that, and break that habit because it limits your wardrobe significantly.

Then try different accessories you have never tried with other things. Mix and match clothes. Have your friends come over. Sometimes another eye can REALLY help you pick stuff out.

Hope this helped.


Chako: Urban/Street Wear Expert

Yo Sarah way over in Wisconsin,

There are a ton of options for funktafyin up that wardrobe of yours. A good item to purchase right now is a faux fur piece--be it a jacket, vest, or hat. Pick something in a bright color like burgundy or purple and PLEASE, pick something that is NOT REAL FUR!!!!! (I do not support animal cruelty in the name of fashion). A faux fur piece can liven up any pair of jeans and plain tee and are hot for clubbing in.

Another fresh item is a Cowboy hat! Even these come in faux fur and they're perfect with a glitterly little top and some leather pants or tight dark blue denims. Glitter is always a good choice, whether in makeup or teeny little tank tops that tie in the back. What we're thinkin here is 70's and 80's glam rock! Turn up some Jamiroqaui and accessorize, child!

Party like it's 1999!


Amanda: Latest Trends Expert


Well, since I'm not sure about what types of clothes you have lingering around in your closet....why don't you find some clothes catalogs and have a look through them. A lot of styles that have been out are now back in. You might be able to find bits and pieces of those outfits in your closet. Or, take what you see..and transform your clothes into the same thing. You might even be able to find the "extras" you might need at Target etc..such as pullovers, or plain shirts. Give it a try! And write us back!



Darbi: Bargain Expert

Dear Sarah--

Layered looks are in! So try layering your shirts. You could pair a long sleeved tee with a short sleeve shirt. Also try different shirts under sweaters! Just let yourself go wild! Maybe you could even creat your own ensembles by cutting and sewing some of your present day clothing. Try to work with cool color combinations too!

Purple & Gray
Red & Orange
Blue & Orange
(these are just a few)

Just be creative!
Let your fashion abilities take over!
Good luck!


Madelin- World Expert

Dear Sarah,

Giving a new look to an outfit doesn't mean changing it completely. Try some different coloured stockings if it's a skirt your wearing, or dress in a different style. Eg, if your a really funky, bright colours person, try one of this seasons best looks- the 'business-girl" with a pair of pants or skirt, a collared white shirt and a plain jumper. Try layering your clothes- skirt over pants, long shirt over dress etc. New accessories can change an outfit- buy some beads and make your own, or if you like vampish- feather boas etc. Get out all your clothes and let your imagination run wild!


Kym- Accessories Expert

Hello Sara,

There are a few pieces that will jazz up your entire closet with just a few pieces. Try getting a few different button down shirt with three quater length sleeves. These can go over cute skirts or nice pants to really liven up an outfit. Also get a few shrugs, which can slip over many tank tops to give them winter warmness.

In terms of pants, definatly get one pair of plain black boot cut pants. (I recommend Levi's bend-over brand, although their difficult to find) These will go with many things and expand your wardrobe tenfold. To really expand your wardrobe, save your money each month and purchase one new piece.

Have fun shopping!


Maddie: Vintage/Thrift Expert

Dear Sarah,

Are you perhaps wearing the same combinations of outfits over and over again? As for myself, I often trap my options by finding a combination that works and never deviating from it. Try having an open mind to try different essembles and accessorizing what you already have.

If you have any sewing skills, capitalize on them. Take a trip to fabric or crafts store and purchase some inexpensive patches, iron-on decals, rhinestones... whatevver catches your fancy. Use your creativitiy and good taste to jazz up your old clothes.

If you have any friends in the same situation that wear the same size clothing, barter. Each person can bring a few pieces in good condition that she would like to rid herself of and trade them. Bond. Have fun. And obtain a new look at the same time! :)


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