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What should i wear for a Millenium party?12/20/00

Hi Experts,

I have a real problem with what I should wear for a Millenium party. I want to go for a disco type look, but I would like to exactly what style will be in for a night/disco party? Thnx!

Love from Party Girl, S.A.

Chako: Urban/Street Wear Expert

Hey Party Girl!

A disco look sounds perfect for the turn of the Millenium. Very nice choice! Because the Millenium bug is coming and technology is evolving at lightening speeds, fashion goes glittery and shiny. Try something really ostentatious like a big fake fur coat in red or turquoise with a teeny little sequin skirt a la Dolce and Gabana.

A disco look is definitely not something you want to scrimp on! Check stores like BeBe and Urban Outfitters for things like leather (I prefer pleather) fitted flares and racy sequined tops and skirts.

For shoes go for stiletto heels or funky platform boots. Try a hip cowboy hat and either frizz up your hair or straighten it. Textures are very important so mix them up--Stick straigh glossy hair with a fur top and leather peddle pushers. You could even go for a Jennifer Lopez look and don 70's aviator sunglasses. If you're scrimping, check your local thrift stores for old 70's low cut dresses and clunky platforms and cowboy hats. Now go and Party...year 2000 is upon us!


-- Chako

Amanda: Latest Trends Expert

Party Girl,

You asked just the right question! With 2000 sneaking up behind us, we need to get our thinking caps on! We need to decide on what we are going to wear the last night of the century! If the world is to end, you might as well spend it looking like a Fashion Diva with her act together!

This years' motto: If need be, go out with a BANG! (while shaking your Bon-bon that is!) Ok, finally down to nitty gritty of the situation. I don't know if you caught MTV'S Fashionably Loud model search but, the New York finalist (and eventually the model search winner) chose a great ensemble for her "personal style" portion of the contest. It was definately just right for those Y2K bashes.

This outfit consisted of two great items along with a slinky red top and a black skirt; knee high boots and a brown leopard print cowboy hat! (please, anyone correct me if I'm wrong) Grrrrooovy Baby! hehe! If you get this outfit together, or manage to throw something together just like'll definately be outta this world! Go get 'em girl!


Kym- Accessories Expert

Hey party girl,

Try going for some sparkly bell bottoms with a shimmery top for a cool look. Or play it fancy with a short skirt and cool shirt with some hair glitter. I really can't answer this for you - you have to look out there and find what you like. Look around at the fashion mags, you'll soon see whats in style.

Have fun looking!


Shantel: Special Events Expert

Hey Party Girl!

Well, of COURSE you want to look fly for the New Year!! To get your disco look, you'll want to wear lots of silver. That is kinda THE New Year look! It gives you that super retro, but awesomely modern look.

Wear silver makeup on your eyes and lips, and dust some silver powder all over. Paint your nails sparkly silver, I've seen some really cute stuff. Clothes, now you could go for the whole silver jump suit thing, but I doubt you have one, and I doubt you'd actually go buy one! So if you are going to a party, you'll want to wear something nice.

I'd wear like a nice short dress. Like a red spagetti strap dress or something. Like a Homecoming type dress, or a long dress if you prefer. Jeans and stuff wouldn't be very good. So just wear something nice, but not like a prom formal dress. That would probably put you a little out of place at MOST parties. Have fun!



Maddie: Vintage/Thrift Expert

Dear Party Girl,

I can only stress one word to you as far as disco attire is concerned: GLITTER.

Glitter is a perennial favorite of the disco dancer, and myself. I suggest a very sparkly top; if you are daring, show a little skin with a halter top. Pair it with skinny black pants. Cigarette pants or flairs in smooth fabric, such as pleather or satin, are both good bets.

And in the grand tradition of disco era footwear, find yourself some super tall platforms. Be wary of how high those platforms are if you intend to dance the night away though. Wear dramatic make up; heavy on the eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, and apply body glitter generously!

Happy New Year!:)


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