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I am not a fashionable girl. Help!10/04/99

Hi, I am really not a "fashionable" girl, and I guess you could say that I just don't seem to have a lot of style. But next year I will be a sophomore in high school, and I really want to have a hold on the hot fall trends. So, will you please tell me what is going to be in for this fall? What colors and what will be the new trends? And what national stores can I find these styles at?

Darbi: Bargain Expert

Fall is approaching us so fast and preparation is the key to a spectacular diva performance. For Fall, don't try to stash away your color, it is a very important part of the wardrobe. My picks for fantastic Fall hues are vivid, deep and rich tones. Colors that are sure to give a premiere performance are purple, plum, burgundy, rust, silver, gold and navy. This year try not to over emphasize browns, go with warmer, richer red tones like purples, plums, burgundies and rust. Try to incorporate silver and/or gold with these colors and utilize navy instead of constantly going back to black. I am sure that with your unique touch you can make any ensemble happen with these screaming colors!

The must have fashion piece in my book for Fall is definitely the tiny, short sleeved sweater that comes just under the shoulder blades. It looks great paired with tube tops and it can be short or long sleeved. Color combos for Fall are definitely gray/silver and lilac. Navy and purples are a hit as well. Don't limit yourselves to certain colors any season just use you basic fashion sense and you are assured a beautiful, colorful year!

Shantel: Special Events Expert

Depends on where you live, but my best bet for stores that would carry the best Fall fashions are American Eagle, Old Navy, JC Penny's, stores on that line. My favorite spot for getting killer outfits are the mannequins in the window or hanging up all over! Conservative colors seem to be more in, like pale or navy blue and gray. Khaki pants and jeans will go with anything. My opt for fall is khaki pants/jeans, and those cute boyish sweatshirts. If you are girlier, go for cute little sweaters with cardigans. When in doubt, always ask the salesgirl. Since they dress up the store models, they know what's looking good!

Chako: Urban/Street Wear Expert

Yo! Cool out, cat. Fashion is all perspective and about feeling supafly--it's not always about what everyone else is flossin'. I know you've stashed favorite pieces in your closet that you will never let go of--trendy or not. Put those things on the turntables and mix them up with some of the new fall trends to create a hybrid style all your own. Recycle your closet! Buy some essentials: get some dark denim jeans in fitted boot/bell bottom styles, snag a pair of hi-tech sneaks, buy a colorful scarf to wrap your hair in, grab some nylon drawstring pedal pushers. For a cheap update, browse your local thrift store--dig for 70's and wacky kid's tees, knee length skirts, and bulky knitted sweaters. The most important thing is, wear what you feel comfortable wearing and not what everyone else is wearing. Girl, you sound like you're trying too hard to make a complete 180 on your return back to high school. It's not about fashion it's about expression of self! Because the year 2000 is approaching, it's time to wear what you want and how you want.

Felicity: Plus Size Expert

This fall, the plus sized gal is hitting the clubs 'til dawn, working out at the gym, studying for her classes and looking great while she's doing it. Lane Bryant stores have recently thrown out the idea that plus size means matronly. Their web page has some awesome features including a fashion consultant, which allows you to customize outfits from the fall collection according to your individual taste. Best of all, many of their pants now come in different lengths: petite, average and tall! Every girl needs a pair of killer black pants. These fall looks for different fabrics in a boot cut or flare style. My favorite is the synthetic bootleg pant ($34). They look great with everything from the synthetic shirt ($29) and camisole ($19) to the acetate button down shirt ($34). They can be dressed up or down depending on your mood and style. Pair them with some funky, chunky shoes and you're all set for a night of club hopping! Hanging out, working out, or relaxing requires maximum comfort. Track pants ($29) paired with a T-shirt make going to the gym comfortable and fashionable. These particular pants have a zipper at the bottom of the leg with allows for a more flared appearance. For the outdoor enthusiast, match this with the track jacket ($34) in either the same or contrasting color worn over the shirt or tied around your waist. The set comes in a variety of great colors like black, navy and power blue. Pull the look together with sneakers in a matching color. Spending the weekend in the library or in front of the computer doesn't have to mean that you never change out of your pajamas! Check out a pair of jeans in the new color for fall, rinsed. Look for boot cut ($30), flare ($42), carpenter ($36) or cargo ($42) styles. Denim has wonderful versatility, as it can be worn with sweaters, sweatshirts, T-shirts, poplins, tank tops, and just about any shirt imaginable. Dress it up or down depending on your mood. Check out the web page for a store near you! Can't find one? Don't worry. These styles are all available in a variety of different stores around the country. Have any fashion questions or ideas for future columns? Check out my resident expert section!

Kym- Accessories Expert

Dear Fashion Seeker:
Definitely try big department stores for your clothes. Don't expect to get everything in one day -- searching for sales can save you hundreds! Personally, I like to shop at stores like Strawbridges on their red-tag days. Strawbridges has many high-priced items, but their sales are phenomenal. Stay on the lookout for items you like, and compare them at different stores to get the best deal. This is a great way to acquire more clothes. The further you can stretch your money, the more clothes you can buy. With that in mind, look for bottoms that are pretty plain, as they will match more shirts and tops. Pick a few favorite colors and try to buy everything in those hues that match. Pick pants that are pretty generic, in that they have style to them, but will go with basically anything. In terms of shirts, try to buy a few tank tops and shrugs to go with everything. Buy them in the colors you selected. The most important thing is that you like your clothes, so don't feel you need to buy anything because it's "in." Buy it cause you like it! And, because we all know it's my personal platform, buy some accessories to go with all those killer outfits! But remember to wear your most important accessory - your smile!

Amanda: Latest Trends Expert

Ok girlie, you've come to the right person. First things first.... You don't always have to be wearing what everyone else is wearing. Whatever makes you feel comfortable or good about yourself...wear it! You probably already know this...But sometimes us gals have to be reminded that we're hip no matter what! I'm the total Stussy, Union Bay, and Abercrombie & Fitch girl. So, I can help you along those lines. Cargoes and cargo skirts in cool fabrics with zippers a little pockets are way in. Plus, most are mad comfy! When looking for tops...think Orient Express...Asian designs are a great looking new fad. Not only are they too cute, but they are fun! Another fad that has been going around since last the surfer/beach girl look. Hawaiian prints to Malibu shirts are what you wanna be in. The sporty, vintage, American girl look is also in. You can find most of those styles at the stores I mentioned above. But, if you don't have any of those stores located near can also find their products or products like it in other outlet stores and such! Cute pullover sweaters are also a fad that is going around in the colder states (West Coast) Colors such as deep reds, grays, blues, greens, and darker oranges are the "in" colors. Lately we've all been looking for a subtler look. Plus, we wanna save the "vibrant" colors for spring and summer. One last thing, another good way to keep up with what is in, you can order free catalogs out of magazines such as Teen, Seventeen and YM. Catalogs are always up with what is down and in. They are a good source for that sort of thing. But, some of these catalogs have outrageous prices! So, always get an idea of what you want from them and then try to find it elsewhere! Good luck, hun!


Madelin- World Expert

Oh, sweetie! Everyone can be fashionable in her own way! Think about who you are-what you like doing, what your fave colors are. Go to some shops you don't normally visit, and try on some clothes and styles and colors you don't normally wear- see what feels comfortable, and looks good on you! Be yourself. Everyone knows what looks good-and we all have beautiful features that we like to accentuate. Even if your not an outgoing person, and aren't necessarily a fashion guru, you can still create your own gorgeous unique style by picking a few pieces that look good on you, and go well together. Then you can pick and mix your outfits, but remember the main object is to Enjoy Yourself!

Good Luck, Sweetie-


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