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  What separates the girls from the Divas? Well you've come to the right place, and Diva Do's and Don'ts is the one-spot-stop to Divaness. Maybe you're a diva already, and want to share your "expertise" with others, then please submit some Diva Do's and Don'ts.

Put on sexy lip gloss.
Get the gloss all over your face!
Spend time looking for the right makeup.
Put on the wrong color of foundation!
Wear cute hair clips.
Wear grandma hair clips!
Dress like a rock star.
Dress like your teacher!
Wear a different color of shirt and pants.
Look unmatched because you're too matched!
Do workout, play sports and have fun.
Devote yourself to be ultra-thin (you're not a pad girl)!
Become familiar with the hottest new pop stars.
Forgo your own individuality and try to be like them!

Submit your own Do's and Don'ts

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