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What should i wear to a Christmas party?12/13/99

Hi Experts,

What should I wear to a Christmas party? It will be kind of dressy, but kind of not. Should you paint nails red and wear red lip stick, or is that overkill? Also, are Christmas sweaters and earrings and stuff dorky or OK?

Thanks a bunch,


Chako: Urban/Street Wear Expert

Salutations Stacey!

First off, I would say that red nails and red lip stick along with Christmas paraphernalia will defintely make you an extra on the set of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Be careful with that junk! For a Christmas party, you want to look sassy and sexy. The holiday spirit does not necessarily mean dressing up as the family christmas tree with red lips. Try silver or gold glitter makeup to highlight your eyebrow and cheek bones and a glossy berry colored lip gloss.

If you want to go for a vamp look, do red lipstick with no eyeliner and little to no mascara. For the party animal, try a black tube dress with a zebra print long coat or a pleather red long coat. Red is always a good color to wear, but red and green can be quite tacky.

Go for sleek lines: knee length faux suede skirts with knee high boots and a fitted sweater, boot leg pants with a tie back tank top. Sport some funky platform boots and for sickly cutesy appeal, throw on the Santa hat for about five minutes til someone grabs is off your dome. Get your Groove on girl!


Amanda: Latest Trends Expert


Ok Stacey, babe, definitely do not wear ultimate red lipstick or apple red nailpolish! EEEEEK! That's a no no! Keep your make-up sleek and shimmery or casual with earth tones.

You can wear earrings and sweaters (preferably small dainty earrings)...just not the "festive" kind. You know the kind of sweaters I'm talkin about....the kind grandma bought you when you were 10, the ones with the Christmas tree and all the sequins you could barf over! (Let her wear that to the party!) But, do wear something simple and elegant.

Maybe an all black dress with a cardigan and an up hair-do(long or short). Go for plain, bold colors (black,red,blue,and plum)...nothing real detailed, the design should stay scarce. How about a dress in a silky, shimmery blue? Or you could try a simple skirt....maybe with a string of flowers at the hem...and a plain top. Try a strappy top or a three-quarter length top? Long and simple is in for this year's Christmas season outings. Keep that in mind and you'll be sure to dazzle that "crush" under the missle toe, or impress the other party members.



Darbi: Bargain Expert

Dear Stacey,

First of all thanks for the great question! With the Christmas season quickly approaching us we all need to plan ahead for party wear! The Christmas sweaters and earrings and all that is definitely dorky if you over do it! Those types of articles are geared more towards family-oriented parties. Red nail polish just about goes with anything! It's my personal fav. shade of nail laquor! Dress those nails up a notch too! Add white stripes, green or silver dots, just be creative!

For a party that is not too dressy, but definitely not casual, I would go with either a skirt or boot cut dress pants with a cute sweater set! You could even get a cute lil' dress and wear a sweater over it.

If you wanna go a little more glam, get a sequined, sparkle or flashy top and pair it with a plain black pair of pants! DO NOT WEAR PUMPS WITH PANTS! That is a huge fashion mistake that some people often make, so just thought I would warn you! You could even put on a pair of Christmas earrings on, just as long as they match of course! Well have a ball at your party!!! Good luck!


Kym- Accessories Expert

Hello Stacey,

I would not wear the whole red lipstick-nailpolish-christmas shirt thing. I would wear a cute little dress. The dress could be plain black or any color. Then you can add a few Christmas accessories to this - such as a simple necklace or earrings.

With a simple black dress, you could wear the red lipstick and nailpolish, just be sure not to over-do it. Use your best judgement before you go to the party. Look in the mirror. If you think you look great, you'll feel great.

Have fun partying!


Maddie: Vintage/Thrift Expert

Dear Stacey,

What shade of red are you planning to wear? And will you be wearing red clothes too? Deep, sultry reds have always looked sleek, even en masse; remember those cosmetic ads featuring models in head to toe red? However, I have never been a fan of too much bright red and I despise absolutely radioactive shades of red. Be cautious of getting slap happy with these shades.

I personally dislike Christmas sweaters and jewelry since they tend to be cheap and loud. Avoid pieces that are too busy. Jewelry can be tasteful so long as it is not too clunky. I would go for the chic look; no large bells with bows. Trust your own judgement and have fun at your party. :)


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